artists biography

Elisabetta Franchini was born to an Italian father and an American mother. She was strongly influenced by the Italian language and customs in her household and had visited Europe numerous times before college. She enjoyed her Junior Year Abroad in Paris, France and graduated from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts with a B.A. in Art History and French Literature. Since childhood, she had always been keeping up courses in Drawing, Design, and Painting. Following her graduation, she spent several years in New York City working for a French couture house while continuing her art education at the School of Visual Arts.

Eventually choosing a full-time career in fine art, Elisabetta moved back home to Chicago to set up her studio. Since then, she has participated in various group exhibitions and solo art gallery shows across the country including San Francisco, Miami, and New York. Her inspiration is found during her many travels throughout Europe and is concentrated especially in the Italian countryside and urban architectural scenes she admires most.